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about us

TransBareAll was set up in 2009 by Lee Gale and Jay McNeil and was born of the Transtastic Men calendar which was produced in 2008.


The aim of the calendar was to raise awareness of trans men and also raise funds for UK trans organisations.


During the production the models became more confident and comfortable with their differing bodies. Lee and Jay wanted to share this experience with others and thus set up TBA.  



TransBareAll is an organisation that believes in improving the health and wellbeing of trans people. We provide a space for trans people to discuss and explore things that impact their lives and to celebrate the diversity of our community and bodies within it.


Focusing on emotional wellbeing, body positivity and aspects of sex and intimacy, we provide the opportunity to explore and build confidence so that we can lead fuller and more rounded lives, and deconstruct society’s pressures.

TBA exists to...
  • Build Self-esteem

  • Celebrate difference

  • Explore sex and body confidence

  • Nurture trans communities

  • Explore boundaries


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podcast work 


podcast work 


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