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Our Parties

Once a year we hold a larger event over a long weekend, from Friday to Monday: the party!

This event is a large and often has up to 60 people there, trans and cis. 

It is created more collaboratively than the weekends away. While the TBA team still facilitate the main space, we invite participants to run workshops and spaces throughout the weekend, and we programme them across each day so that different sessions run at the same time, offering a wide range of different activities you can pick and choose from.


We have such a wealth of talent and skill in our communities, and so the sessions are led by people with all kinds of life and work experience along with support from the TBA team. 


Past parties have included things like life drawing, zine making, body printing, pumpkin carving, candle carving, massage, storytelling and meditation, as well as talks and workshops on a huge range of topics like non-monogamy, negotiating sobriety, birthing, touch and consent, kink, life beyond transition, and unions and workplace representation. 


As we hold the party in a gorgeous rural location in the Peak District, there is also the chance to take in the natural beauty via a hike or run. Our evenings include the more traditional party activities like dressing up or down, dancing, singing, gaming, and howling at the moon.


Each of our parties has a dedicated BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) Space and a Disability Space. The Spaces (often called caucuses) have been created because so many trans and LGBTQ spaces more widely are often predominantly white, non-disabled and middle class, and so we want to carve out that space in which those of us who live at multiple margins are able to discuss what we want and what we want to change.

Like our weekends, our parties still feature communal cooking and dormitory sleeping arrangements. 


As with the shorter weekends away, we strive to make access as smooth as possible, including physical and mental health-related access, and financial. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about access at our in-person events.

Image by Oswaldo Martinez
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