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TransBareAll has collaborated with others to create resources, such as:

Top Tips for Working With Trans People (link to page)


These are resources that we think are useful. None of the content of the websites are our own:


I am: a Trans Person looking for information about trans things


Gendered Intelligence: Knowledge is power - useful info from changing your name to community and faith.

Press for Change: Gender recognition Act - good information on how to legally change your gender if you want too. 


NHS: Gender dysphoria 


THT: Sexual health for Trans women

THT: Sexual health for trans men


Galop: Hate crime, sexual violence, and domestic abuse - trans advocacy group


Mental health support:
Mind out

Pink Therapy - find therapists that specialise in LGBT+, poly and kink subjects. 
Rainbow mind 


I am: looking to support a trans person

Gendered Intelligence: Guide for parents and families


I am: an Organisation looking for information, workshops or training. 


TransBareAll can do workshops and provide training for organisations. Get in contact with us to discuss whether we are right for you.



youth and family and parenting links


School’s Out

Gendered Intelligence 

housing advice

welfare benefits advice

debt advice

support group network page (there’s one I remember that has a bunch of them listed – we don’t need to replicate that, but simply signpost) 

POC and Black support and services

older age services



sexual health....what else?


Please instead of paragraph form can you write this as a list with name, short description or title ‘Housing’, and a link/contact details?

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Top Tips


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