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Refund Policy

We don't take payment straight away as we recognise that people might not have the money at the point of booking, or might need payment plans if they can't make the payment in one go. 

If you would like to come but are struggling to find the money please contact the team and we might be able to help out with travel bursaries. 

We have a specific fund donated to us to help trans people of colour attend our events. Please get in touch if you would like to access this. 

When booking onto the weekend you will receive an email with details on how to pay.

If you’re unable to come to one of our events, we can only give a refund up to two weeks before the event.

We take booking onto a weekend as confirmation that you are coming. If you haven’t paid, or cancelled before the two weeks, payment for the weekend will still be required even if you didn’t attend.

Unfortunately this is due to the fact we will have planned our meals, bought the resources and food for the weekend, and paid for the venue. All our weekend prices are based on the minimum cost to run at full capacity, by giving us two weeks' notice we can try and fill your place and keep our weekends from running at a loss.

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